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Welcome to the New Dawn Coaching Blog – a resource centre for the professional or business woman who wants to get unstuck, achieve your goals and excel.

What is Your Dream? 

Do you dream of excelling in your personal life or as a leader in your profession or business industry?

You’re in the right place if you dream of achieving massive personal, professional or business success. 

This blog has resources that will inform you, teach you, make you reflect and help you GROW. You will not only excel in anything you take on as a goal but will also grow as a leader.

Most of my readers are women in management or business. If this is you, then you’re most probably a high-achiever and already successful. You commit to your goals and find ways to achieve them.

You’re already on a personal development path and chances are high that you’re in a leadership position or have a number of employees working for you. If you’re not yet a leader, I’m sure you’ve made a decision to become one. 

However…you feel stuck and unable to move on. Or life keeps getting in the way and you simply don’t have enough time for everything you want to achieve. 

Is this You?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re overwhelmed and overworked.
  • You’re on the verge of burnout.
  • You feel as if you’re on a roller-coaster and time is never enough.
  • You have a lot of things you want to achieve but keep putting them off because you don’t have time. 
  • Your relationships are suffering as you work in your job or business.
  • It seems as if success at work or in your business comes at the expense of your personal life.

It could also be that you’ve been thrust into a leadership role and struggle to manage your team. Or maybe your business is growing fast and you want to keep up as a leader.

Whatever the case, you’re now at a point where being stuck is no longer an option. You want to make changes fast…the right changes, that is.

I’ve Been There…

I’ve been in your shoes

I understand what you’re going through. You see, I know how it feels when you’re growing so fast in your career that your life takes a back seat. Things were so bad that I made a decision to quit employment and went into business.

The business crashed within the first 2 years and I was left reeling from the failure. However, out of the ashes of this business rose a new career that later turned into my dream business.

I discovered that I had the ability to help other women get unstuck, become more confident and have the courage to go for their most desired goals. 

I dived into coaching and training in 2011 and later worked with a Mentor Coach to turn my skills into a business. With time, I also started writing personal development tips for women and shared them with my friends and clients.

My coach dared me to start a website and that first website grew into a blog. This blog is the end result of a lot of experimentation and growth as blogger and writer.

It contains tips and resources for the professional and personal development of women. Since the blog gets updated regularly, it would be best if you bookmarked this page for future reference. 

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