Success Stories

This is what satisfied clients have to say…

“I started working with Caroline in 2013, at a time when I was living out of the country and going through a huge transition in my career and life. The coaching definitely played a major role in shaping my career and consequently my life. Over the years, our work together went beyond working on my career and Caroline also became my life and leadership coach, and mentor. Caroline has been an excellent guide. She has vast knowledge and experience in various aspects of life. She is committed to her clients, quite flexible, and doesn’t steer away from the goals set at the beginning of the coaching program. Also, she doesn’t judge and is able to accommodate different personalities at different stages of your life, career, or profession. Through my coaching sessions with her, I have become a more competent and confident leader with a key focus on tapping into my strengths. Caroline has the ability to get out the best in you. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow as a person and as a professional.”

Lisa Tiang'a

Marketing Lead - Africa, Monsanto Ltd.

“Before I met Caroline, I was overwhelmed! I had serious challenges planning my time and following through on my plans. Working with Caroline has been amazing. She works with you from where you are at. I feel free, organised and happy! I am totally responsible and able to run a successful business. I now plan ahead, not just for a day, but for a month and year. Thank you Caroline!” Edna Thiongo

CEO, Breakthrough Consulting Ltd

“Two years ago my life was at a standstill. I had completely lost hope in life. I saw it meaningless to plan for the future or work hard because nothing seemed to work in my favour. I decided to live each day as it came. I met Caroline one month to the end of semester exams. The coaching I received then helped me pass my exams. I later graduated with an Upper Second Class, something I hadn’t expected as I had performed very poorly in the previous years. I’ve been able to follow my dreams fearlessly, make realistic targets and no longer procrastinate ” Elizabeth Sumbaeie

“I have a friend who’s known me since high school and we hadn’t met for some time. We met last year and a few minutes into the conversation, she said, “Linda, you have changed… no, you really have changed. It’s not about how you look, but something about you just isn’t the same.” I had just finished a 12-week coaching program with Caroline. When my friend made that comment, I realized that I was onto something. And I began to realize that at some point during the coaching, I had set myself free and was doing the same for those around me too! When you allow happiness into your life, and heal from your past, you realize that somehow even those around you (family, friends, colleagues) become happier and they too heal. And as they do so, they become very helpful to you. Coaching has helped me heal from a lot of past pain and I have become a happier person and achieved more focus and direction in life. I hope my testimony will help those with speculative ideas about coaching take the step to change their lives for the better.”

Linda Gicheru


“I didn’t have a job when I was introduced to Caroline and I badly needed one so as to raise money for my school fees. Caroline helped me start a business making and selling bags and jewellery out of beads. I also learnt fundamental life principles such as being hopeful, determined and to keep pressing on. I was able to direct my thoughts and energies on the business. Shortly after that, I got a job. It came with a house with electricity and water. I eventually got a better job and I enrolled for an undergraduate program at JKUAT where I am just about to wrap up my first semester. Today, I am able to foot my bills including paying my university fees.”

Yvonne Kanana

“I never got myself down to business with a focus so clear and with so much determination against all odds. I always dreamed but never fully determined to achieve what I held so dearly. When I enrolled for coaching, I didn’t have the outcome I wanted clear in my mind. Within a few sessions, I was able to enjoy a journey of determining what I want, how I want it, when I want it and with whom I want it. My coaching was amazing, life changing, and a great start to my big life! I had my potential unleashed, I learnt to focus and achieve great results, and best of all, it finally dawned on me so clearly that nothing is impossible, as long as one has a willing heart.” Sarah Kajuju

Corporate Trainer & Entrepreneur

“Before I started coaching with Caroline, I was overwhelmed. I was too busy, wasn’t able to plan well and my busy work and social life schedules had resulted in exhaustion and inability to fully enjoy my life. My relationships were also affected especially my marriage, which was looking OK on the outside but was mostly on autopilot. I was devoid of joy, happiness and fulfilment. Working with Caroline was great. She was able to connect with me where I was at in an honest, non-judgemental way. Initially, I was sceptical and wondered how coaching, especially when conducted via telephone, would do anything to help me, but the results were awesome. The homework was life changing especially the affirmation & the belief processes. Caroline gently, and in a non-criticising way, helped me realize that my self-concept was poor and that was the first thing we needed to work on. The decision-making pyramid was also a game changer for me and when making decisions today, I no longer seek to change my environment, but rather to change my behavior, increase or improve my skills or work on my beliefs and identity. I am happier today. I feel it and others have mentioned it too, especially my husband. I’m a better planner and my business has grown. I feel more confident to handle future challenges and my self esteem is at an all-time high.” Anne Murimi

Business Owner, Trian Insurance Agency

Praise for the Create Your
Dream Business 
(CYDB) Program

“I signed up for coaching because I was stagnating in my business and didn’t know how to revamp it. I needed a ‘sounding board’ and a safe place to identify my weaknesses, challenges and then come up with strategies to surmount them. Before starting the program, I was afraid that I would not be able to get out of my comfort zone. I also didn’t know what lay in store for me during the coaching. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coaching helped me change my self-awareness. I also gained clarity and started attracting more of the ‘right’ kind of clients for my business who are also better-paying clients. Previously I attracted clients who did not value my potential and thus paid me less than I was worth. Caroline is thorough and very professional. Her method of coaching enables one to enlarge their vision and gain better clarity on what and how they want to run their businesses. She managed to challenge and cheer me on well during the sessions. Each week, I looked forward to speaking with her about my experiences, challenges and accomplishments of the week.”

Lillian Macharia

Business Consultant & Coach, High Achievers Institute of Professionals

“During the program, I discovered that I have what it takes to start my dream business and that all I needed was for someone to help me “get it out”, organize my thoughts and energies, and then focus them in the right direction. I have now started an apparel business and making sales. I have also developed more confidence. The ready availability of the coach, prompt advice on challenging issues, and the spot on solutions have been of great benefit. I have also been able to connect with Caroline’s networks and met other business people and new customers that were not in my database.” Caroline Odhuno

Entrepreneur & PhD Student, Sling Rax

“Working with Caroline was quite a challenge for me. It made me look at areas of my life I would have preferred to keep hidden under a big rock!! It also made me realize how much my inaction was affecting my life and especially my psyche. I’ve now started a business that I have been aspiring to start for the last 8 or so years while feeling that it was still out of reach and that I had to go back to school before I could start it. I’ve stopped being a doormat in my relationships, and reduced complaining. I take time to reward myself, guilt free . I have become important to me!” Anne Gikonyo

Accountant & Entrepreneur, Nyumba za Fahari

“I got the contacts for Caroline from a career coach. As the discussion with the career coach progressed, I was more convinced that what I needed was not a CV ‘’clean up’’ but to start a business. Every homework (when working with Caroline) looked like real work and I dreaded every bit of it. However, it paid off in the end. I can now look at all the material I wrote and I now confirm that it was worth the while. The assignments helped me build up on my thought process and come up with a wonderful business plan that I implemented during the coaching process. The layout of the plan, budget process, and implementation is similar to what I had learnt in my accounting profession, but I had not applied this in my personal projects previously. Simple techniques, such as creating a tracking process, helped me come up with a financial plan as well. I had doubts in me even as I discussed my plan to implement the project, but the push the coach gave paid off. I believed in myself at last, implemented the project after a very short time and I can now look back and say it was worth every single penny. Caroline is very friendly and firm. She offers a listening ear and firmly corrects when one is not heading in the right direction. She also offered wonderful links to people and institutions which could help me in making my business a success. I made contacts with people in the same field who offered invaluable advice on the dos and don’t of this business. Several techniques I learnt helped me improve in my personal life too. For example, the GROW coaching model helped me come up with very realistic plans for the business. The Success 6 model also that helped me business and work priorities right and take charge of my time management.”

Carol Mugo

Accountant & Farmer

“I met Caroline in 2014 at a time when I was really down. I had failed financially and felt like a failure in the eyes of the public. My financial crisis robbed me off my friends and made me very sensitive. Caroline invited me to take up coaching and through the process, she became my accountability partner. Most importantly, she helped me redefine myself. During the program, I decided to use what God has put in my hands and wrote a different story in my life. This is a story that begins with music and ends up with me finding myself. It’s a story that tells how young people are using positively their gifts and their talents in their areas of influence, a story for the and by Kenyan youth. This story is told in my new book “No Time Like the Present”.”

Nancy Mwengi

Author & Youth Talent Developer

“What I love about the CYDB program is the fact that it’s extremely practical and not just textbook theory. The principles Caroline teaches are based on practical situations – and the results are astounding! I am now running a part-time practice with a realistic timeline of ultimately taking my coaching practice to full time – something else Caroline taught me. What I love most about being a life and motivation coach is that I have been able to take what comes naturally to me and turn it into something I do every day and get paid for it!”

Veronica Waithaka

Life and Motivation Coach, Finding Futures

“The turning point in my coaching experience was the discovery that I am not the author of the universe and it’s OK to disappoint people, as long as I didn’t do it with an intention to hurt them. Before meeting Caroline I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but didn’t have the courage to do it, even though all the resources to achieve success were within me. I always ended in supporting positions and most of the time I would wish that I could take charge and do things my way. This pertained mostly to my career and personal life. Through my coaching sessions, I was able to overcome my innermost fears and take control of my career and personal life. I used to be afraid of being in the spotlight and it’s now easy to deal with the spotlight. One amazing thing is that people are now beginning to appreciate me and not try to change me. This was all achieved by having to walk through twelve intense coaching sessions with Caroline and never thinking of giving up even when she really got me cornered and demanded that I step out of my comfort zone and take action. I have now set up my own business and it is picking up fine and growing. When it comes to relationships, it’s now easy for me to relate with other people without fear or doubt.”

Vivian Muciri

Youth Coach & Mentor

“I used to have many business ideas running around in my head but not taking action on any. I was dissatisfied with being employed and knew I needed to do something about it, but I had no idea where to begin. The coaching moved me from this position into starting with what I could do while still employed. Within three months I’d finished writing a cookbook I’d started two years ago and am now selling it as the starting point to my business. Even better, I feel empowered because I know where I’m going and what I need to get there. It’s a great feeling.”

Wambui Mwangi

Cookbook Author, Everyday Meals

“When I met Caroline, I was literally at a cross-road. I knew deep down that I needed to quit my job and start my business, but I was afraid of the unknown. Initially, I was skeptical about coaching, which I saw as ‘Mzungu’ ideas. The biggest result from the coaching is that I opened my kindergarten in 9 months. What I liked best about working with Caroline is that she literally read my mind. She didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer, though she did this in a rather subtle manner. She has a very broad way of looking at situations and breaking down the impossible to possible.”

Mercy Ndegwa

Founder, Little Flock Kindergarten

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