The Clarity Blueprint
For High-Achieving Women

5 Biggest Mistakes High-Achieving Women Make While Pursuing Success That Make Them Get Stuck And Lose Confidence
(And The Simple Fixes That’ll Help You Find Clarity)

A 5-Day Email-Based Course

Clarity Blueprint

"Through my coaching sessions with Caroline, I have become a more competent and confident leader with a key focus on tapping into my strengths."

Regional Marketing Leader for Seeds - Africa & Middle East, Corteva, and Executive Coach

Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and not having clarity?

This FREE 5-Day Email-Based Course is for you if:

You've achieved amazing success in your career or business, yet you feel stuck, dissatisfied, unhappy
You spend time worrying about where your life is heading. Truth be told, you don't like the direction you're moving to
You feel as if pursuing your career/ business goals comes at a high cost to you, your health, your peace of mind, and your loved ones
You know you have amazing potential & so much you can offer the world, but you’re afraid of taking actions that may end up setting you back.

Want to make sure this free email course is “worth it” before you sign-up?

Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: Mistake #1 - Do You Think Achieving Greatness Is A Solo Act? (This Lesson Will Show You Why You Need A Team)
Day 2: Mistake #2 - Why You Should Stop Fixating On Finding Your Passion (And The Simple Exercise That’ll Help You Get Clarity Faster)
Day 3: Mistake #3 - Don’t Succumb To The Fear Of Failure (Embrace Failure As Part Of Your Growth Process)
Day 4: Mistake #4 - Why Avoiding Imposter Syndrome Is Hurting You (And How To Embrace It Instead)
Day 5: Mistake #5 - Stop Prioritizing Your Work Or Business Over Your Personal Life (And Why Achieving Work-Life Balance Is A Myth)
BONUS: Stop Setting SMART goals (Do This Instead)

Caroline Gikonyo

Transformational Life Coach & Co-Founder of Biashara 360

About The Author

Hey there. I'm Caroline and...

I am a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner.
I've been coaching high achieving professional and business women since 2011.
Over the years, I've helped hundreds of women get unstuck, regain their lost confidence, reduce overwhelm, and excel in their lives, careers, and businesses.
I've overcome similar challenges to excel in my career, businesses, and in my personal life.

It's easy to get stuck, doubt yourself, and allow things like imposter syndrome to hold you back, even after achieving high levels of success. It doesn't have to be this way. I'd love to share some simple strategies you can start using today in this email course.

"I could write a whole lot regarding my engagement with Caroline as a coach. To summarize, her coaching helped me greatly with self-awareness, especially around my limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. Her coaching is very holistic in the sense that I did feel the impact on my parenting as well. Her coaching is very adaptive to individuals' needs with my personal outcome being growth, self-mastery, and self-love. She is not shy to point you to other professionals when she feels the need to and I found that very professional of her. Thank you Carol for being part of my amazing journey!"

Africa Transformation Office (ATO), Microsoft

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Clarity Blueprint


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