When the first COVID-19 lockdown was announced in Kenya in 2020, I knew that the first thing my clients would require is a mindset shift. No one expected the lockdown to come so fast. We also didn’t expect the pandemic to last as long as it has or anticipate the ensuing economic crisis.

Over the course of 2020, I shared one message consistently: Mindset is Everything. This message turned into a presentation that I gave everywhere I was invited to speak. And that’s what I’d like to talk about in this article and the next one.

Please note that while I do believe in and value the content I’m sharing, it’s important for you to do your due diligence. Find out what works for you and also seek the help of medical, legal, financial, and mental health professionals where necessary.

The current scenario

I’m in a number of Facebook groups. Over the last few months, I’ve seen a shift from people being optimistic about 2021, to many starting to worry about their businesses, jobs, and finances.

It doesn’t help that we in Kenya are in the middle of an election cycle. These cycles normally come with a lot of worries as people wonder what the results will be and how things will work after the elections.

Our recent financial budget didn’t make things easier. If anything, any Kenyan who is already struggling financially now has to tighten their belt some more as life becomes more expensive.

Life has shifted. While it may seem as if we’re back to normal, the truth is that there’s still a lot more shifting to come. Making a mindset shift is core to increasing your productivity and making strides in your life, career or business.

The Sky Has Fallen (Again and Again!)

There was a time when we’d laugh at people who were always warning about being prepared for a worldwide disaster. These people were made fun of and labelled doomsday or conspiracy theorists.

That has come to pass. Our sky has actually fallen and fallen again.

However, not only has the sky fallen, but we’re now sitting on icebergs that are melting! The saddest thing is that there are people who are not aware that they are sitting on melting icebergs.

In 2020, the sky fell for many people, businesses and organizations worldwide. Many have not recovered to date. A lot more are now waking up to the reality that this pandemic is not yet done with us.

Here are 4 scenarios that arise from this melting iceberg…

1. Drifting away

Are you sitting comfortably on an iceberg that has broken away from land? Maybe you’re not aware of it, but you’re actually drifting into the deep sea.

If this is you, then it doesn’t matter how big or powerful you are. Imagine a polar bear sitting on an iceberg that’s drifting away. When it’s on solid land, this is a very powerful animal. When it’s on a drifting iceberg, it’s practically doomed.

Some people are thinking they are ok and safe. In reality, they are just a step away from their own version of the deep sea. Having a mindset shift at this time can save you because you’ll find a way to get help or swim back to land. Otherwise, a few months or years from now…you’ll be in deep trouble!

Where are you as your iceberg melts?

mindset shift-adrift

Are you going adrift?

Has your iceberg broken from land and is drifting away into the deep sea, but you’re not aware?

If you’ve noticed that the iceberg is melting and drifting away, do you know how to get off it or swim to shore?

Or did you notice that your iceberg was melting, got off it, and found yourself on another iceberg that’s slowly drifting to sea?

Looking at Kenya’s situation, we’re not out of the chaos created by the pandemic. Yet, our politicians are already throwing us into the election-mania that has its own pre, during and post elections craziness!

2. Hauna habari

Could it be that you’re totally unaware that the iceberg is melting? Bado hauna habari. (You still have no clue).

  • Everything is working well for you.
  • Your job is secure or your business is doing great.
  • Your family and loved ones are all OK.

This negative situation has not affected you. So you’re not going to borrow trouble by looking at it.

And yet, the collective humanity is being affected by the icebergs that are shifting and melting. If you’re not aware of this, then there’s danger looming ahead.

mindset shift-hauna habari

3. Safe on land

Are you one of those who saw the iceberg starting to melt and moved safely to land? Or maybe you drifted but were able to paddle your way back from the drifting iceberg. You’ve had some time to relax and put yourself back together.

Yes, you’re safe on land, but you may still not be aware that there are shifts going on. Or that these shifts have the potential to affect you negatively.

Additionally, the collective pain and suffering that is affecting all humanity can no longer be ignored. We’re now realizing that whatever is happening in one corner of the world impacts us all.

mindset shift-safe on land

4. Exploring horizons ahead!

Ideally, you’re among the few people who have seen that the iceberg is melting. You avoided being a member of the hauna habari clan and have gotten safe on land.

Ideally, you’re already moving towards the new horizons ahead. In fact, you could also be one of those who are carving out new horizons in your industry or for your business!

I’ve said ideally because this is a space that many haven’t reached yet. So there are a lot of opportunities if you act now.

mindset shift-horizons

Are you awake or still sleeping?

The sky has fallen…and it’s still falling for some people. Which of these 4 scenarios do you identify with?

  • Are you on the iceberg, drifting out to sea?
  • Are you in the hauna habari clan where you have no clue and are waiting for things to go back to normal?
  • Have you moved and are safe on land…you’re resting or unsure of what to do next?
  • Or have you moved forward? Are you eagerly exploring new horizons and charting a new way forward?

If you’re not in the last group, it’s time for a reality check. It’s time to wake up!

The world has changed drastically in less than two years. 2020-2021 feels like we’ve lived decades in just a few months.

  • Whole industries have been decimated.
  • Businesses have shut down.
  • There have been job losses across all sectors.
  • There are massive shifts in the way we live and work.
  • Very few things will remain the same!

We’re going back to a world that has done a 360-degree shift. Your mindset will determine how well you survive and thrive in this new world. But are you aware that there’s been a shift? And if you’re aware, what are you doing about it?

Join me in the next article where I’ll share 3 shifts that will help you bounce back powerfully as we move into the post-COVID-19 world.

What has been your experience?

What is your evaluation of the impact COVID-19 has had on you and your community? Do these 4 scenarios apply? Is there an additional scenario you’re experienced or observed?

Let’s hear from you in the Comments.

(Images courtesy of Pixabay and Unsplash)


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