It’s said that dreams don’t die loudly. They die slowly and silently.

This is something I’ve reflected on a lot over the last few weeks during my holiday. I took 7 weeks off work and spent most of that time with my family.

During this time, I also got a chance to visit one of my clients’ business. I helped her refine her business idea and work through the startup period. However, I never got to see the physical business until this year.

When Mercy Ndegwa came to me in 2015 with the wish to set up a kindergarten, she was quite apprehensive about starting a business. She was also sceptical about coaching and didn’t see how this would work for her.

However, she took a step of faith and signed up for business startup coaching in January 2016. Her school opened in September 2016 and is celebrating its first birthday this month.

I’m very glad I got to visit the school during my holiday because seeing Mercy’s dream in reality gave me a lot of food for thought.

Giving your dreams your all

My sister and I were silent for a few minutes as we drove out of Mercy’s school. We had been shown through the school and even had a look at the gardens. Mercy had also openly shared her challenges, successes, lessons learnt, and future dreams.

We were both silent as Mercy showed us around and told us her story. The silence wasn’t because of what she was saying. It was mainly because of the lessons we were both picking from her.

As we drove away, I spoke first and told my sister, “WG, I’m wondering…have we given our dreams our all?” She nodded and told me that she was thinking the same thing.

There was more silence as we ruminated on the implications of our thoughts. And then we got talking about the fact that we were allowing our business dreams to die. We were not giving them our all!

Going back to the beginning

That experience has given me a lot to think about. I don’t think Mercy was aware that she was giving me a challenge just by living her dream.

While I have taken big strides on my business, I realized then that I had also allowed my original business dream to die. Life got in the way and it was easier to work with the things that were bringing quick money.

This meant conveniently ignoring the things that would take time to set up, but would shape my business into the original dream. Unfortunately, the activities that bring in quick money don’t bring as much fulfilment and satisfaction in the long-term!

After the visit, I took a big step back and committed to go back to the beginning and kick-start my business dream – the one I had when I started this business in 2011.

So many times we allow life and our circumstances to steal our dreams. We start off strong and then get bogged down with challenges and stuff along the way.

With time, these challenges consume all our time, energy, resources, and efforts. The dream slowly slides away…and dies silently.

This happens to all types of dreams and not just business dreams. Is it happening to you? Have you given up, or worse still, settled for less than you’re worth?

What are you willing to do for your dreams?

It’s one thing to talk about the things you want to be, do or have. It’s another to actually take action on them and keep refining the results until you get exactly what you want.

Do you have one dream that you know will change your life for the better when you finally achieve it, but you’ve set it aside?

Or did you start working on the dream and got sidetracked or the dream suddenly seemed too big for you to handle?

Are you willing to give it your all? Are you willing to fight for your dream?

It takes time to achieve our most desired dreams. Also, the bigger your dream is, the more effort and commitment you have to give it.

Working on your dream or letting is die is a choice. Which choice do you make today?

Your turn…

Have you had an experience that gave you a wake-up call regarding a forgotten or neglected dream? Share with us in the Comments below.

(Photo by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash)

Caroline Gikonyo works with high-achieving professional and business women who are stuck, overwhelmed, overworked, unhappy and unfulfilled. She helps her clients become leaders in their professions and business industries once they get unstuck, gain confidence and eliminate time wastage. Contact Caroline to request for a Clarity Coaching Session and find out how she can help you achieve better personal, professional, or business results.
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