It truly is amazing just how fast time flies, isn’t it? A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about starting Q4 and now, the first month of the quarter is already halfway gone!

That is the truth about time. It’s also the truth about how easy it is to fall into regular habits and patterns and before you know it, time has gone and your dreams and goals are still waiting.

I don’t want you to be that person this year if you’re struggling to create time for your most important goal for this year…which is what you should be focusing on within this last quarter of the year.

So, today I’ll share one simple strategy that will help you get ahead in this quarter. It’s a strategy you can use at any time and in any area of your life.

The strategy: Don’t try to do things alone

Yes, that’s it. I did mention that it’s simple…

What then can you do to boost your goals? Here are some ideas:

Ask someone for help

You can invite them for coffee or lunch and pick their brain – with their permission of course. The key is to let the person know beforehand what the meeting is about. Don’t ambush them during the coffee or lunch when they are thinking it’s a leisure meeting.

Join a class to learn a skill

Pick a class that’s related to achieving your goal. Pay for the class, attend consistently, and complete all assignments. Make sure it’s a fun class because you don’t want to tie yourself to a boring rest of the quarter!

Hire someone to do the grunt work

This one is especially critical for solopreneurs who are prone to wanting to do all the work. Hire a part-time assistant to help or outsource work that is not your core skill. You can also hire a part-time or full-time Virtual Assistant (VA) or someone reliable who needs some part-time income.

On the home front, you don’t have to do chores that can be done by other members of your family. For example, you can hire your child to help with additional household duties. Older children can take over grocery shopping and meal preps if you train them. I’ve used this tactic effectively to create more time for myself.

Take your Domestic Manager (DM) for training

Some domestic workers could do so much more if only they were trained. Don’t be afraid to take your DM for training because you think she’ll start looking for a better-paying job.

The bonus of having a trained worker is that she can take over more jobs you weren’t comfortable handing over to her before. She will also be better placed to run your home optimally.

If, on the other hand, your DM has an overloaded schedule, hire a cleaner to assist with general cleaning 1-2 times a week.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

The repetition is for the perfectionists who want to do it all.?

It’s almost impossible to achieve your BIG goals if you try to do it all. Find out what you can delegate so that you focus on the chore tasks.

Hire an expert to help with your health and fitness

This can be a personal trainer, nutrition coach, fitness coach, yoga instructor…you choose. You can also do something fun like joining a dance class and dance out those kgs like it’s 1999?? (anyone born in the 70s and 80s knows what I mean).

Join a hiking or running group

These are gaining popularity in Kenya. They are a great option if you want to get fit, make friends, and get outdoors more often than you currently do.

Join or form a Mastermind group

This is a group of like-minded peers who are working on similar goals or who are together to hold each other accountable as each person works on their goals.

Check out Jack Canfield’s tips on starting a Mastermind Group if you want to create one.

If you’re a Solopreneur, check out our Finish Strong Challenge that combines mastermind, peer-to-peer coaching, and accountability.

Hire a Coach

Coaches are not just for wellness, nutrition, or fitness. Whatever your goal is, there’s probably a coach for it.

Look for a coach who specializes in helping people achieve the kind of goal you’re working on. This is because a specialist is more aware of the needs and desires of people working on similar goals. That’s something that will help reduce your learning curve.

For example, you can hire a Career Coach to help you map out your next level and identify the skills you need to upgrade in order to get there.

If you’re planning to scale up the management ladder, it would help to work with an Executive Coach. Similarly, a Leadership Coach can help you become a better and more effective leader if you’re already in a leadership position.

A Life Coach is a good fit if you’re feeling stuck and want to get unstuck and find direction and purpose. Check out the Clarity Coaching Program to find out how I can help you if you’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

These are just examples. Find a way to get help that will help you boost your goals. 

Now, here’s the catch (there’s always a catch?)

Before you can implement this strategy and seek help from other people, you must have crystal clear clarity about what you’re working on – your #1 goal for this quarter/year.

The challenge for many people is that they didn’t set goals the right way at the beginning of the year. And so trying to implement this strategy ends up being an uphill climb.

If you miss this and jump into implementing my tip for today without clarity, then you will waste your time, money, and energy. You’re also more likely to get results that fall short of what you could have achieved.

So the catch leads us to 3 steps that I’d recommend:

  1. Get clarity about what to focus on.
  2. Identify where you can get the most help in the shortest time possible – the person who will be more or less like a shortcut to the achievement of your goal.
  3. Get the help (i.e. implement the strategy I’ve shared in this blog post).

Take these 3 steps and you will end the year, or any quarter, more powerfully than you have before!

Over to You…

That is my simple tip that will help you supercharge the results you get in Q4 this year. Don’t try to do things alone if you want to boost your goals so that you finish any quarter or year strong.

I’d also love to hear any other tips and strategies that you’ve used to supercharge your goal achievement. So feel free to share in the Comments below.

And, if you need further support, don’t hesitate to reach out. My team and I are here to provide any guidance you may need.


Here are some ways I can help you boost your goals

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