One of the blessings of being a coach is being able to help people identify and follow their dreams.

And the opposite is also true because one of the major challenges of being a coach is meeting people who are so clear about what they want, but they’re afraid or unwilling to go for it.

Today’s article is for you if you’re stuck and don’t feel ready to follow your dreams.

The solution to this challenge is very simple:

Just start.

Forget about goal setting and creating a plan.

Simply take a step forward.
…then take the next one.
…and the next one.

You may never be ready to get started, but you are ready to take one action now.

Once you’ve gained a bit of momentum, you can come back and create the plans and comprehensive strategies to achieve your dream.

Looking back in my own business:

  • I wasn’t ready to go into business, but I did it anyway and failed miserably the first time.
  • I was not ready to start coaching, but I started and got the education later.
  • I didn’t think anyone would pay me to coach them, but I asked for payment from my first client and steadily got over the fear of closing sales.
  • I definitely wasn’t ready to start speaking, but I did it.
  • Networking and having online visibility were among my biggest fears, but I did it and made amazing contacts and friends in the process.
  • I wasn’t ready to become a writer, but my coach pushed me into writing the first 3 articles and setting up my first website…these articles turned into a coaching program…and later into a book.
  • I never thought I’d have something to write about each week, but I created my first blog, then added an e-newsletter, and writing is now a normal activity for me.
  • I didn’t know anything about creating the newsletter, but I created the first one and have tweaked it until I found my ideal template and writing style.
  • I wasn’t ready to move my business to Mombasa, but making the move opened up my business to a level that pushed me 4 years forward.

One of the biggest shifts I’ve had is being able to do what I love and get paid for it. My first client paid 500/- for a month of coaching – and this didn’t cover refreshments for one session! I didn’t even consider the time spent getting to the venue and my fuel costs.

With time and experience, I learnt how to place a high value on my work and ask for payment in return. I also stopped feeling bad when people said “No” or “You’re too expensive.”

A lot of people assume that I’ve had things easy, and get surprised when I talk of past and present challenges – some of which have been whoopers!

These challenges have taught me one important lesson: they taught me that the secret to achieving your dreams is taking action.

It’s about not waiting for the right time or for the right amount of money, resources, and people to appear.

The secret lies in taking that first step.

Believe in your dreams enough to go for them despite your fears, hesitations, and misgivings.

That’s my advice if you’re not feeling ready to follow your dreams today.

Take a step of faith, and I’ll meet you on the other side of success!

(Image credit: David Castillo Dominici at Free Digital Photos)

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