When was the last time a conversation blew your mind? You know…the conversations where wisdom flows from you and other people involved like a tap that’s turned on full?

I had one such conversation during a coaching session this week. To say that my mind was blown is to downplay the impact of that coaching session on my client and me!

I shared the insights in our Facebook group and email newsletter with permission from my client. I share them in this blog post because I know there’s someone who needs to hear at least one of these bombs of wisdom!

I’ve written this article from a Christian perspective. However, having coached women from other faiths and some who are not religious, I know that no matter your faith (or none), you can find similar examples or advice. So pick what speaks to you and leave what doesn’t.

Here goes…

This is For You if You’re Feeling Stuck Today

Early this week, I had the kind of coaching session where I was not in charge!

I normally ground myself before a training, coaching session, or meeting by taking 5 minutes before the call to take deep breaths, let go of my thoughts, and step into the call, session or meeting blank.

I also say a short prayer, “Holy Spirit guide me.” just before logging in.

These 2 activities keep my ego in check. They also help me become a vessel through which Spirit will work.

I’m especially careful never to forget the prayer…I’ve learnt the hard way that when I forget it, things go south! The good thing is that this is such a short prayer that I can do it during the session or meeting, literally.

Anyway, that morning, I did my preps, grounding and prayer, and then got into the call. That was the beginning of a life-changing experience on both sides! This session left me with enough things to reflect on for the rest of the week. I had to throw out my session plan and just be present to whatever emerged.

The questions I asked came from nowhere. There were answers to questions I hadn’t even asked. It quickly became clear to both of us that there was something bigger going on. So we went with the flow.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this because the end was so beautiful. No human could have choreographed it!

I want to share some highlights that came through for both of us. My client and I had to pause and write them down each time one of us got an AHA or said something powerful. I hope these highlights will be as powerful for you as they were for us.

The Highlights

#1: Sitting in discomfort and not knowing the way forward

“Sit in the discomfort because it’s in the discomfort that you will find what you’re looking for.”

#2: God’s timing vs human timing

“Spirit is never late
Spirit is never lost
Spirit does not follow a human timeline.”

#3: Getting to the promised land (achieving goals and life plans)

“Just beyond the giants is everything that we want. We just need to slay the giants, chase them away, or find a way of living with them.”

This is about the Israelites being afraid to move forward to the promised land because there were giants. In our case, giants are roadblocks, challenges, inner stuff (fears, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome)…whatever is blocking your path to success.

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#4: “Are you stuck or have you already unknowingly achieved your goals?

Sometimes you succeed beyond your expectations and before your timeline. This can lead to feeling stuck…and yet you’re not stuck.

I’ve written an article on the negative effects of goal achievement which fits in here so well! Read on to get that and other useful links.

#5: Stepping up to the next level

“It’s your time now. You’re ready to expand and you’re ready for the next step.”

Feeling stuck can be an indication that you’re ready to step up. But you have to tie up loose ends and complete tasks that you’ve started at your current level.

Note that you can delegate or hire people to complete tasks for you. However, you cannot delegate responsibility for the process or the result.

(The statement “It’s your time now and you’re ready for your next step” is borrowed from Denise Duffield-Thomas.)

Are you stuck? Or is it time for your next step?

Feeling stuck is normal. Staying stuck is a choice.

  • If you’re feeling stuck today, you have at least one choice available to get unstuck. I don’t know what choices you have available to you, but you need to identify one and move on with it.
  • If you’re not stuck but simply ready for the next level, tie up loose ends at your current level and step up confidently. It’s your time now and you’re ready for it!

Time is never kind to those who stay undecided. You stand to lose more if you do nothing. So weigh your options, decide, and take your next step.

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Need Some More Help?

Here are some articles on this blog that are useful if you’re feeling stuck or if achieving your goals no longer feels so great.

Over to you…

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