In the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra notes that everyone has something, one thing, that they do better than everyone else.

According to Chopra, this thing doesn’t have to be very unique to the world. It can be something that many people do. However, only you can do it in your unique way.

I call this a Superpower.

No, I’m not talking about you becoming a heroine like Wonder Woman and the likes…although nothing stops you from being one if you decide to.

I’m talking about something that we all have, but tend to overlook in our day-to-day lives.

In the time I’ve been a coach, I’ve come to realize that most people have no clue that they have a superpower. I certainly didn’t until many years into my work as a coach and personal development trainer.

For example, my superpower is not coaching. It’s actually helping people realize that they have immense inner power, and then showing them how to tap into that inner power.

Coaching is one of the ways I use this superpower. So is speaking, writing, in conversations with people, and even something as short as a Facebook post.

When you dig deep inside, you too will realize that there’s something very unique about you (if you haven’t already).

A quick way of tapping into your superpower is to identify the things people compliment you about, ask you about, or even ask you to help them with.

You probably don’t see your superpower because it’s a part of you, but everyone else is in awe of it because you do it so effortlessly.

Over to you…

When you merge your superpower into everything that you do, including your work or business, you’ll have amazing results.

You’ll also be happier and more fulfilled even when doing mundane or repetitive tasks.

My challenge today is for you to take time and identify your superpower. Tap into it’s unique force then merge that force with your job, career or business goals and you’ll have a winning year!

I’d love to hear from you. What is your Superpower and how are using it in your life, work or business?

If you’re struggling to identify it, then let’s talk. Click here to request for one of the Strategy Sessions that are available for women in business or leadership.

If you qualify for a session, we’ll have a 1-hour chat where I’ll help you identify your unique abilities. Then together, we’ll map an action plan for using these abilities to grow your career or business.

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