2020 started on a very positive note for many people, myself included. I had big dreams, including a 10-year plan for this new decade that I’d narrowed down to a 1-year plan for 2020. Then everything went haywire!

Some people are saying that 2020 should be cancelled. By September, some were complaining that this year is already over. Yet, for some (like me), this year has been a game-changer in a positive way.

Mindset is Everything is the message I’ve been sharing throughout this year. This is because pandemic or not, how the year and your future turns out depends a lot on your mindset. You can finish 2020 strong with a few mindset shifts.

The biggest mindset shifts I’ve had this year were due to having a very strong support system. This consists of my family (both immediate and extended), friends, coaches, business partners, and a very powerful mastermind of amazing women!

These people gave me the support I needed to help other women pivot and navigate the challenges that COVID-19 brought. The support also helped me actualize a long-held dream that has moved Biashara Threesixty into a new season.

Your Dreams Are Still Valid!

In 2018, I interviewed my sister as she worked on her part-time business. I still remember how I felt when I asked her for a parting shot and she said, “Your dreams are valid.”

This statement has been running through my mind as I think of the American elections and to some extent our local elections which are coming up in 2022.

Just think about it…
☑️ Joe Biden stayed true to his dreams…and he’s finally achieved them in his 70s.
☑️ What about Kamala Harris…did she ever dream of getting this far or has the achievement surprised her and surpassed her dreams?
☑️ They have both endured disappointments and challenges along the way. But they never gave up on their dreams.

Going beyond Kamala’s achievement, how many women paved the way to make Kamala’s achievement possible?

Think of all the women who dared to go for political positions that were never open for women or for people of colour. Let’s not forget these women because going for their dreams made one woman’s dream possible!

I then got thinking about our own politicians – it’s easier to focus on politics because the results are very visible. Think of someone like Hon. Raila Odinga who has never given up on his political dreams.

Whether you like him or not, you’ve got to admire his focus, grit, resilience, and persistence. And who knows what will come along for him in the future?

Are you there yet?

❓ How many of us have that kind of focus on our dreams?
❓ Do you have a single dream – your ONE Thing – a dream that you’re going for with laser-sharp focus and determination?
❓ Do you believe in your dream?
❓ Are you doing everything you can each day of your life? Or are you scattering your attention, time, and resources by changing your mind and changing direction from one dream to another?

Roman Philosopher Seneca said that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

We can see that very clearly in the case of Kamala Harris. You may say that she was lucky, but her years of preparation put her in the right position. When the opportunity came knocking, she said “Yes”. And the rest is history!

As I thought about all that was happening around me, I got extremely motivated. I also realized that the process is really simple:

? Decide my ONE Thing.
? Focus on it like a laser.
? Do everything I can to move towards the dream each day.
? Be alert so that I see the opportunities that come my way. It’s easy to miss opportunities, especially when imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and fear rule the mind.
? Jump in when opportunities arise.
? Keep moving forward.

This makes my to-do list very simple now. It’s based on one question: Is this task I’m doing now or planning to do moving me forwards or away from my dream?

That’s it. Anytime I want to create a to-do list, I ask myself this question. I also pause during the day and identify whether the tasks I’m focusing on are answering this question.

So what’s really holding you back?

A lot of people say that they’re waiting for God’s timing. After all, isn’t God’s timing the best timing?

I’ve come to realize that sometimes, we delay God’s timing because of our fears and doubts. We also use the same fears and doubts to justify procrastination and lack of confidence in ourselves, our dreams, and Divinity.

Don’t waste time waiting for the right moment, the right plan, the right people, availability of resources, confidence, etc. You’ll never be shown all the steps and you’ll never have everything ready.

You have to take the first step…and the next one…and the next one. There will be detours, setbacks, and challenges along the way. But there’ll also be happiness, success, and fulfilment.

Additionally, confidence is a result of the growth you experience. You’ll not get it by waiting for your dreams to materialize magically!

This season has thrown us all out of our comfort zones. Many have lost track or even stopped believing in what’s possible.

If you want to move forward, then stop focusing on the box labelled “My comfort zone”. Don’t go looking for it anymore. In fact, if you find that box…burn it?!

Then turn around, remind yourself, “My dreams are still valid” then take action.

That’s my reflection today. What’s your take?

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    2 replies to "Your Dreams Are Still Valid!"

    • Mueni Wambua

      Thank you …. 2018 I was broken. 2019 I began to mend. 2020 the spark came back for me. In 2021, I cannot wait for the flame!

      • Caroline Gikonyo

        Hi Mueni. Glad to hear that you’ve managed to work things through and come out strong in 2020. May your flame burn very bright in 2021 and beyond!

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